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November 1, 2012

OK, I fixed the typo…!! Thanks for pointing that out…and I’m STILL excited, and still working on finding the right producer. !!

Liz Hanlon, protagonist in Harmonic Deception & High Notes Are Murder

That headline just about says it all, doesn’t it?  There are, however, a few details it leaves out, so I’ll fill in the blanks.

Btw, my name is Liz Hanlon, star of stage, screen . . . okay, at the moment I only have the starring role as female protagonist in Harmonic Deception, and High Notes Are Murder, two thrillers by Barbara Reed.  But that’s about to change.  I’ve just learned from my publicist John Byrnes, that Sony Pictures is interested in making 3-TV-movie series from my books!  The books have accompanying music–called “music to die for” by author Taylor Smith–and   a movie that fuses intrigue, ambition, a touch of humor, and killer music is a solid prescription for success.  The stories take you inside today’s music world like never before since they’re written by Reed, a lifelong professional musician.   The reader is right there in the process…

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