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Web TV series drama

January 31, 2015

I’ve never been the first to start a blog, but since there aren’t any under the TV Producer category, I’ll get this show on the road.  Since there is no content for me to respond to, I’ll use my own work as a start and would welcome your comments.

As YouTube has quickly become a huge part of the mainstream, it’s no surprise that Web Dramas are flourishing.  About a year ago, the WSJ reported that it was a “Writer’s Marketplace,” as producers and networks were scrambling to find enough content to fill all the programming outlets.  Netflix, Amazon, and others were getting into the production arena, etc.  So, in an attempt to finally be on the right end of the curve, I asked my publicist to make direct submissions of my content–My Liz Hanlon Novel Series which features new, original music that evolves directly from within the storyline.  Easy enough for me to write as I’m a professional musician as well as an author.  My protagonist, Liz Hanlon (Harmonic Deception & High Notes Are Murder”) is a singer-songwriter, so each episode will also have at least one, and perhaps more, new songs that hit the mainstream Marketplace.  Merchandising at it’s best as everyone knows a hit song produces bookoo royalties for all involved.

Sounds easier than it is, of course, but with both the story and songs cross-promoting each other, it’s a great bonus.  So…

At this time, I have had interest from Sony about producing, a nibble from Universal, a direct quote from Adam Sandler made by Warner Bros., and several smaller tidbits from indie producers.  This is all well and good, but I’m sure I’ll be expected to put the “package” together–producer, talent, director, and the big winner, THE MONEY.  Now this scared the crap out of me.  Maybe it shouldn’t; maybe some of you know how to do this?  Or even better, you have done it?  If so, please…yes please contact me!  Partnerships are a great thing, and since my forte is writing strong stories, dialog, lyrics and music, raising money and calling up actors isn’t!  But if it’s yours, I’d sure like to hear from you.

In fact, I’d like to hear from any of you who have more knowledge of this than I do.  Wait, that could be anyone, even my dog…Ok, humans only please.  Here’s a few details:  More about me at


Your turn


Mystery & Music For The Screen 1

January 30, 2015

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Does a tragic childhood excuse murder?

Harmonic Deception, new in the series of psychological thrillers based in the modern music business, features singer-songwriter Liz Hanlon, the same tough, passionate, and witty protagonist in High Notes Are Murder. Both books have received rave reviews and offer something special: their own “soundtrack” of music designed to uniquely highlight the style and vocal artistry of the actress headlining as protagonist Liz Hanlon. New songs are created directly from the storyline and characters, offering numerous opportunities for differing musical styles, and are then released to the mainstream marketplace.  Both the drama and the music enhance the merchandising opportunities of the other, with the number of song releases growing as the story progresses.

Musician-author Barbara Reed is known for strong dialogue and intriguing villains. In this series, she takes the reader closer to protagonist Liz and all journeymen musicians by drawing upon her own lifelong experiences as a pro musician to accurately portray the creative life.

Logline: Harmonic Deception

Does a tragic childhood excuse murder?

On the star-studded night of her CD release party, singer-songwriter Liz Hanlon faces a brutal female gang member who blames Liz for her tragic past. To expose her as the murderer, Liz must first unravel the girl’s misconceptions and trace the faulty logic she’d used to build such hatred against Liz. After a critical twenty-four hour standoff, Liz gains control and fires. The girl is taken into custody. It should be over, but suddenly other facts fall into place and the full picture hits her with a shock.

About Protagonist Liz Hanlon: Liz knows her stuff. She’s ambitious, hard working, gutsy, and a terrific talent—characteristics she needs when she faces these life-and-death struggles. As the series progresses, she must question previously held beliefs about life and her sense of right and wrong, but in the end she continues as she always has, chasing her dream in the music business. Because she has what she calls “the bug,” the insatiable need to make music. It’s her voice . . . although her snappy one-liners fill that bill pretty well, too. When others encouraged her to find another profession and play music on the side, she ignored them. “It’s a sink or swim world,” she’d argued. “All or nothing. Besides, you only get back in life what you put out, so I’m putting . . .okay, bad example . . .” She’s loaded with opinions, as she’s experienced every musical situation imaginable, from low-paying piano-dump gigs in High Notes Are Murder to the star-studded night of her first CD release party in Harmonic Deception. The crimes are deeply personal, the stakes could not be higher, and no matter what the risks, she takes them.

The Author’s Words:

I couldn’t wait to write this series! Books and articles often depict musicians as little more than flamboyant and self-indulgent, but today’s musicians are anything but. These stories take readers through the actual process of being an artist—from developing musical skills and performances to writing song lyrics or playing an instrument—with plot twists that highlight their ambitions, dreams, loves, and choices made on their way to success.

Synopsis: Harmonic Deception

Liz’s performance could make her career. The night is magical until three teenage girls in outlandish disguises burst into the LA nightclub with assault weapons. Within minutes, two hundred patrons are held hostage, stripped of their cell phones and valuables. Liz’s cherished friend is dead, two others wounded. There seems no way out until Liz improvises a musical code and shouts it to her band mates who are hiding behind the stage curtain. The code triggers a call to 9-1-1 forcing the girls into an unplanned getaway, but not before the shooter snaps belligerent remarks that convince Liz this crime is personal and she is the target.

The club is closed and Liz’s career is on hold. Hounded by reporters and fearing for her own safety, she’s desperate to expose the shooter before she attacks again. Liz is certain the shooter was targeting her, but her brother Carl, a lawyer, disagrees. She seeks help from the same eccentric investigator who cracked the case of her cousin’s murder in book one, but finds that he agrees with Carl. Even the investigators on the case don’t suspect that this crime was personal.

Liz’s ex-fiance, Ben Parkhurst, makes an appearance at the hospital, running into Carl as he waits for Liz to be examined. Ben states his concern for Liz’s safety while Carl worries that his sister might be taking up again with him. Unwittingly, Ben drops clues that later help Liz connect him to an unsolved crime in book one. Tonight, Carl drives her home, talking about the emotional void between Liz and their mother, as well as the differences between the two of them, yet showing the rock-solid bond between them.

A break in the case comes when the girls commit another crime. The same shooter gets away, but her sidekick is shot and taken into custody. Working with investigator Enos (equally as eccentric as he was in book one), Liz learns that the wounded girl is in the custody ward at a local hospital. She fakes her way in, spots a young visitor leaving, and tails her to her neighborhood. Before Liz can follow on foot, two cops stop and ticket her for making an illegal U-turn. Fuming, she texts the girl’s location to the detectives on the case while she waits by the side of the road.

The club is finally re-opened and Liz returns for a performance. After midnight, she receives a call with news that one of the victims of the invasion robbery is near death. She rushes to the hospital. But she’s suddenly accosted by a man in a wheelchair who keeps her pinned within the turnstile at the entrance to a private wing. She’d been followed, the phone call a ruse to get her alone. Fighting to control her growing panic, she assumes this man is part of the gang who killed several at the club, and clearly wants her dead. But this man surprises her. He claims to be the shooter’s brother and he begs Liz to “help me save my sister.” Cautiously, she listens to his explanation . . .

Alone in her car, she calls Enos to report the man’s story. But Enos goes in another direction and asks questions about a previous stalker (from book one) who had never been identified. Could this be him?

With the detectives, Liz sets up a trap for the shooter, but the next thirty-six hours turn the plot completely around. Liz and Carl become hostages, trapped in a life or death struggle with this bitter teenager who cares little for her own life and less for theirs. As the hours tick by, Liz learns more about the girl’s circumstances and the faulty ideas she’s used to blame Liz–a woman she’d never met–for her life’s troubles.

In an early morning standoff, Liz finally gains the upper hand. Chasing the shooter down a darkened stairwell, she wonders if she’ll lose her resolve at the moment of crisis, hesitating instead of shooting at a critical second. But the shooter charges toward her, it’s live or die, and self preservation takes over. Liz fires; the girl crumples on the stairs. It would appear to be over, but an unresolved issue from the past comes to light and it changes everything . . The girls are arrested, but Liz’s mind won’t relax. Recent events replay in her mind, revealing the last unanswered question: who was the stalker? Who could have had access to her home, her car, her music cases, her teaching studio?

The name Ben Parkhurst snaps into place. The man she’d almost married had come close to killing her . . . all in the name of life, or so he says.

Synopsis: High Notes Are Murder

A crime within a crime . . .Liz has experienced every musical situation imaginable. When the series starts in High Notes Are Murder, she’s stuck in low-paying piano-dump gigs, where she receives chilling notes from a stalker who claims her beautiful music is too good for others. He plans to take her away where she will spend the rest of her life performing only for him. With the search for the stalker ongoing, Liz is suddenly offered a chance for international fame by headlining live TV concerts. The notes stop; the stalker seemingly disappears. Then, hours before the first show, she discovers the body of her young cousin at the foot of the stage.

With help from her brother and an eccentric investigator, Liz identifies the killer, also connecting him to a music business scandal from twenty-five year ago. But this revelation creates another problem. Revealing the killer’s identity connects the victim’s father–her favorite uncle–to the same scandal. If her findings are true, everything she’s believed about Uncle Victor’s popularity as a songwriter is a lie! Why the cover-up? And who did it?

The murder and the cancellation of the TV concerts have brought out the media, with Liz upfront and center. Headline News reports that Liz Hanlon has discovered her cousin’s body in the murky light of pre-dawn hours, and everyone wants to know why. Why she was there so early in the morning? What is her relationship to the victim? Could she be the killer?

Within hours reporters make the connection between Liz, her cousin, and her uncle’s death, an event with mysterious overtones that had never really been announced. Now Uncle Victor’s life was being examined by strangers. His name as well as her own could be ruined. With Liz’s career now in its budding stage, could it withstand such a connection?

Kudos & Reviews: “Barbara Reed casts a spell over audiences…” –Tedd Thomey, PressTelegram “Barbara Reed’s High Notes Are Murder features a heroine as smart and likable as any in crime fiction today. Singer Liz Hanlon’s voice remains strong and pure throughout this refreshing debut novel.” –Martin J. Smith, LA Times Magazine, Ed-in-Chief, author of My Father’s Tuxedo, Time Release, Shadow Image, Straw Men “ . . . an inspired murder mystery that exposes the tainted side of the music business on the way to solving who-done-it. This is a sound story that will keep you guessing to the end.” –Chris Enss, author of Hearts West: True Stories of Mail Order Brides on the Frontier, How the West Was Worn: Bustles and Buckskins on the Wild Frontier, Buffalo Gals. Barbara Reed writes (and sings) a hit!, May 7, 2012 By Susanella (Los Angeles) Harmonic Deception: A Liz Hanlon Novel (Paperback) Chapter one of Harmonic Deception starts out in a gallop and the suspense continues throughout the story! Liz Hanlon is a savvy protagonist, and her deductive mind plus seductive voice could carry her through a series of mystery novels! Enjoy! 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book Club Entertainment, February 5, 2012 By Kentucky Lady Harmonic Deception: A Liz Hanlon Novel (Paperback) I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara Reed this year. She is a talented and classy lady. Much like her character Liz Hanlon. Two of my passions are Jazz music and reading. Barbara brings both of those passions to life. She is a great musician and author. Harmonic Deception has a dramatic opening in chapter one and keeps that exciting pace throughout the book. Once you are drawn into the drama, you do not want to put the book down. Harmonic Deception is the “Perfect Book Club Book”. We played Barbara’s CD ” High Notes” as we discussed the dramatic attack at the nightclub and the brave Liz Hanlon. Hearing Barbara singing during the meeting, was almost like she was with us. And by the way, the music is as good as book. Can’ wait for the next one!!! 5.0 out of 5 stars Another Winner by Barbara Reed!, February 8, 2011 By Wies Norberg Harmonic Deception: A Liz Hanlon Novel (Paperback) I know Barbara Reed as a wonderful musician and jazz performer, so when she published her first book “High Notes are Murder”, obviously I had to buy it and read it. I was stunned, it was good! Now her second murder mystery came out “Harmonic Deception”… and naturally as soon as it hit the bookstores (Amazon) it was already being shipped to me. It is very exciting reading: fast-paced, action-packed, you cannot put it down! The conversations snap back and forth, always witty and on target. Nothing is superfluous or chit-chatty. The writing is tight and in the end everything becomes clear. No loose ends. Even a revelation after the revelation… I am a big fan of Agatha Christie and while her books cover English village life, Barbara Reed covers Los Angeles, the wild side of it, the musical performer’s side of it. Fascinating! Recommended! 5.0 out of 5 stars “High Notes Are Murder” a pleasure read!, February 11, 2001 By Sally (Boston, MA) High Notes Are Murder (Paperback) Recently, I bought a new novel at a book festival in Santa Barbara, CA, by an author I hadn’t heard of before, and I so pleasantly surprised I had to share it with other readers. “High Notes Are Murder” is a step-by-step thriller, but Reed has managed to do it with not only suspense, but a bit of humor at the same time. The story is based within the music business, although not that glitzy, over-processed music business you usually see where everyone’s a druggie. This is about normal people who strive to make a living with their creativity, and with that in mind, I’d have to say this book a double treat. It has a CD of music with it–the same music that’s talked about in the story. So while you’re reading about Liz Hanlon stepping on stage and facing hundreds of gaping listeners, you get to hear her sing the actual song in the book. It really was quite a thrill to hear a human voice and know that this was the woman I’d created in my own mind while reading. The story moves briskly through Liz’s powerful desire to make music, and it makes you re-think that old saying “be careful what you wish for.” She gets a great offer that should propel her into stardome, but it doesn’t come cheap. Liz discovers a body at the foot of the stage where the big shows are about to be taped, and following the clues rattles some old family secrets loose. It just could be that Liz’s uncle was part of a mob rip off twenty years ago. This news must be exposed if she’s to find the killer, and also save her own career opportunity. In the end, she does it with class. I find myself really liking this woman, identifying with her really, and hoping the next book in the series was out already. Fabulous!, April 24, 2001 By Reiko (CA, USA) High Notes Are Murder (Paperback) Liz Hanlon is one of the most likable and likely mystery book heroine I have ever known. I met the author, Barbara, at a book signing event where she and her band performed as well. Barbara is such an intelligent, nice and charming lady that I almost felt like I met Liz Hanlon in person. And I loved her music! I definitely recommend the soundtrack as well. I cannot wait till the book two comes out so I’m going to read the book one again. High Praise for High Notes, June 18, 2003 By Michael Rendish (Boston, MA) High Notes Are Murder (Paperback) Barbara Reed weaves an absorbing and entertaining mystery around a glamorous and highly talented jazz singer, Liz Hanlon, who finds herself compelled to solve the shocking murder of her cousin. The story derives much of its authentic feel from the author’s own career as an active – and very talented – vocalist and musician. Those of us in that profession will immediately recognize the witty sarcasms that often pepper Liz’s exchanges with her band members (and club managers). Liz is a sometimes feisty yet sensitive character determined to use her resources, intellect and imagination, to see justice done. It’s an engaging story; if that weren’t enough, Barbara offers a CD made up of original musical selections which beautifully serve the story line, and which are terrific music in their own right. Five stars to the book and five stars to theCD! 5.0 out of 5 stars A fascinating, plausible, highly recommended mystery., May 4, 2001 By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) High Notes Are Murder (Paperback) Barbara Reed is a Los Angeles jazz musician with twenty years of experience. High Notes Are Murder is accompanied by a CD of music containing Barbara Reed’s original songs. Liz Hanlon has a steady gig at a Brogino’s Bar & Grille. It is one of thousands of such bars in America, where the beer swills, sweaty bodies dance to some underpaid hapless musician, who strives to make a living in the underworld of music. Liz is smart, funny, and is waiting for her big break, when she is called back to Germaine’s West on Melrose Avenue. Germaine’s can make or break a musician’s career, and Liz spent one glorious week performing there with her crack band, but was never called back. Tony Perdusian is a famous booking agent who managed many successful musicians in the 1970’s and offers Liz a breakthrough gig at Germaine’s. At the same time, Liz’s cousin Gina, beautiful femme fatale, surfaces as Tony’s latest squeeze. But Liz has been receiving creepy notes from a stalker. When she finds her cousin Gina dead, her big break starts evaporating before her eyes. She decides to play private eye with the help of an unlikely but brilliant investigator who worked with her brother when it is apparent that the police aren’t going to be of much help: “`Lieutenant, I can’t live in a bubble, especially in my line of work. What are you going to do?’ Lt. Wahlberg’s reply was crisp. `We can’t baby-sit you. Stay with friends. I can put a squad car in your neighborhood, but we’re understaffed.’ `What about the gun permit?’ `You can have a registered gun in your home. A permit to carry is not possible.'” Barbara Reed does a marvelous job of describing today’s music scene. She spins a fascinating and plausible tale around Liz, which puts her squarely in the middle of the action. Liz must come to terms with the past in order to understand what is happening to her and to solve the murder. Liz herself is an alluring and enjoyable character whose wisecracks are hilarious, even in the midst of danger. As a fellow musician, this reviewer can attest to the veracity of Barbara Reed’s commentary on the collapse of modern music venues for musicians. She knows of which she speaks. Keep those Liz Hanlon stories coming…they’re great! —Shelley Glodowski, Reviewer

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December 21, 2014

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December 4, 2014

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Liz Hanlon Tells All

February 2, 2014

Wow! With this widget you can read a whole chapter of my book Harmonic Deception! Then get it at a discounted price and receive High Notes Are Murder Free…pretty nifty!

Please pass this around–I’m still learning how to do that and would appreciate the help! Meanwhile, the happiest of holidays to you all.

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Liz Hanlon, protagonist in Harmonic Deception & High Notes Are Murder

Hey!  Liz Hanlon here, star protagonist of Harmonic Deception and High Notes Are Murder by that musician person what’s her name…oh yeah, Barbara Reed.  Enough about her; everyone knows who I am.  Well, they’re supposed to know, but last night at my favorite watering hole I told one of the usual suspects they could get my music absolutely FREE here on this blog and they knew nothing about it!  Obviously, author Reed’s promo techniques leave something to be desired.  So I’m here to tell you–there’s free stuff below, PLUS you get to rant freely, giving your opinions and get free stuff for doing it.  You can’t beat that!  Here’s how you do it:

1.  Send your email to and get a song emailed back to you.  That’s it.  Contact me and I’ll email you back one free song.  If you have a favorite, let me know, otherwise let…

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Mystery & Music For The Screen

June 27, 2013

Mystery & Music For The Screen.